About Us

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Our corporation is located in the province of Huanta- Ayacucho, we work directly with the producers, helping with the development of communities, we are responsible for the environment, the human rights, the health and safety of our employees.

On September 18, 1993 was founded PARIONA REPRESENTATIONS under the direction of Meliton Pariona Laimes and Isabel Ludeña de Pariona, who started in business, with the goal of producing lucuma powder and thanks to their dedicated and constant work, they could get the construction of the first plant for lucuma powder located in Perù – Ayacucho- Huanta (2007).

In 2014 Pariona Representations was changed to PRODUCTOS ECOLOGICOS ANDINOS DEL PERÚ S.A.C (ANDEAN  ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS OF PERU C.C) with the goal of commitment to innovation and the ethical trade.


To produce healthy products to contribute to a better life quality, respecting the environment and promoting the social-economic growth of the rural communities and the conservation of our Andean identity; under ethical management and a fair, efficient and sustainable supply.


Our vision is to be considered as a well-known corporation for the quality of products and that our trademark has the guarantee of being ecological, sustainability, social responsibility and social growth